I write a lot about the power of connection. The world feels like a friendlier place now that I'm learning to stay open to connection. I'm grateful to feel happier as a result.

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Connection these days takes place in person and online. The power of online connection allows me to connect with each of you. Did you know that the blog and these updates are only two of the ways we can connect?

The number of social media platforms I'm on these days surprised me. Social media seemed useless to me when I isolated myself from the world.

No surprise there!

I now believe social media can be an important means of connection, when used in a healthy way. I'm pretty sure that's no big revelation to you, either 🙂

Rather than ramble on any further, I'd like to invite you to connect with me outside of this blog. We can connect through words, ideas, music, photography and workouts.

Take your pick, I hope to hear from you!

Words and Ideas

You know I publish my thoughts on Just Rolling with It. Did you know I also write on Medium and Quora? The business focused side of me also writes on my blog.

I publish ideas that catch my eye on Twitter. The articles I really want to read carefully get saved to my Pocket account.

See the books I've read and am reading on my Goodreads profile.


Music has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of ambient, healing, dub, roots reggae and house music, depending on my mood and situation.

Keep an ear on what I've been listening to on Soundcloud and Mixcloud.


I've discovered a growing enjoyment of photography.

Instagram is where I publish most of my photos. I publish those I feel are a bit more special on VSCO. I'm working to make the special ones available for others to use for free through Unsplash.


I'm a cyclist. I keep track of my workouts on Strava and ride on Zwift (search my name, Chris Remus, to find me on Zwift).

It would be pretty awesome to ride together on Zwift with readers of Just Rolling with It sometime. Drop me a line if you're a cyclist too!

Email Me Directly

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