Becoming a Father at 42 and Just Rolling with It

I'm due to be a father any day now. A major motivation behind Just Rolling with It has been to prepare myself to become a father, at an age later than most first time fathers.

Am I late or right on time?​ Read this post I wrote on Medium to find out 🙂

I initially wrote this post on Medium, where I randomly write about things not directly and specifically related to Just Rolling with It. After publishing the post, I realized it listed the ways Just Rolling with It has prepared me for this life changing event. I thought that readers of Just Rolling with It might be interested in reading about them too.

  • Chris, what an exciting time for you! And when you see your new baby, you’ll know that she/he came right on time. Can’t wait to hear how you roll with it as a new father. All the best to you and your family!

    • Hi Bonnie, thanks! Theo Henry arrived a couple of weeks ago now. Just rolling with it’s certainly taken on a whole new meaning! My biggest challenge at the moment is how to get my work done, while making sure to make room for Theo and be present when I’m with him, rather than thinking about all the things piling up on my to-do list 🙂 Work in progress, although I’m feeling confident that what I’m learning by just rolling with it will help me meet this challenge.

      • CONGRATS, Chris!! And lest I be one more thing on that list that’s piling up, don’t worry about responding to this comment. Just know that I am happy for you, and hope that besides being a beautiful addition to your life, your son will be a wellspring of new and shareable ideas on how to “just roll with it.” Much happiness to you!

        • Thanks, Bonnie, your kind words are truly appreciated!

  • Congrats, Chris! I’m a 41 year old father of a 14 month old and trying to balance it all, including starting an online business on the side. I know what you’re experiencing right now!

    • Chris, thanks for the congratulatory sentiment, it’s truly appreciated and a I send a belated congratulations your way as well!

      I’m grateful to be reminded that our experiences are shared with others. Being reminded of this also helps remind me of the interconnectedness of life, which I find particularly encouraging and refreshing, after being closed off to others and the world for so long!

      So, having been at this for 14 months, any tips on time management? 🙂