Who Do You Have to Ask for Permission?

Mindful Wellness

This week felt hopeful. I’m not as exhausted at the end of it, as I was the past two weeks.This week I gave myself permission to take Thursday and Friday off from work. Yesterday I spent the day riding my bike with a friend. I spent most of today hanging-out with my 2.5 year old […]

February 16, 2018

Doing the Work We’re Intended to Do

Mindful Wellness

Are you doing the work you’re intended to do? Or are you doing the work someone else intends you to do?I spent most of my career doing the latter. I was doing the work other people told me I was supposed to be doing. It was an unhappy time.I developed unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal […]

January 19, 2018

Finally, This is the One!

Mindful Wellness

Or maybe it’s not…Have you ever experienced this? My sense is many entrepreneurs have, in some form or another.It usually sounds something like -THIS is the project I’ve been looking for!THIS is the opportunity of a lifetime!THIS, finally, is the one that’s going to hit BIG!Until it doesn’t.I’ve experienced this many times. It’s happened a […]

December 21, 2017

This Was My Second Biggest Career Mistake

Mindful Wellness

I’ve written about my biggest career mistake. It was thinking what I did for work had to make me miserable. You can read more about my biggest career mistake here.A couple recent conversations got me thinking about another big career mistake. This one is working with people who make me miserable.The two go hand-in-hand. You […]

October 27, 2017

Whose Dream Are You Chasing?

Mindful Wellness

I used to chase the dream.You know the one.Or, at least I think you do.It’s the one that goes like this.Go to school. Get “good” grades, so you can get into a “good” college. Maybe a “good” college isn’t “good” enough. Maybe it has to be the “right” college.Anyway…Then you go to that college so […]

July 31, 2017

This Was My Biggest Career Mistake

Mindful Wellness

I wrote a pretty popular answer on Quora a while ago. The question was “What has been your biggest career mistake?”Writing the answer helped me reflect on my 30+ years of working. It also reminded me how fortunate I feel to be Just Rolling with It now.This post is an abbreviated version of the answer. […]

June 30, 2017

Here’s The Upgraded Just Rolling with It Newsletter

Mindful Wellness

The upgraded the Just Rolling with It newsletter is now available. This post describes the improvements it has over the previous version. I’m feeling excited about this. I hope you are too!Right now I try and send the newsletter each Friday evening. My hope is it provides you with some weekend inspiration and entertainment.Upgraded Format and […]

May 31, 2017

Here’s Your Chance to See Me Cry, In Public!

Mindful Wellness

That headline may seem like click bait. It’s true though. I cried.In PUBLIC!I cried during a panel discussion last fall. Only 2–3 people had ever seen me cry before that.OK, so maybe it wasn’t a full-on gusher. I did get teary and choked-up.I spoke on a WeWork panel last fall. I wrote about feeling nervous […]

April 28, 2017

The Just Rolling with It Podcast is Now Available

Mindful Wellness

I’ve written about how Just Rolling with It is about discovering the power of connection. I’m feeling grateful to experience how fulfilling, expansive and liberating connection feels. This comes after closing myself off to the world for a very long time.That’s why I’m adding new ways to connect with the Just Rolling with It Community.My […]

March 18, 2017

Use My Mindful Evening Routine to Sleep Soundly

Mindful Wellness

Many people write about the importance of a morning routine. I’m one of them. You can find my mindful morning routine infographic here.A mindful morning routine sets a healthy foundation for the day. A mindful evening routine sets a healthy foundation for a healthy night’s sleep.You do believe sleep is important, don’t you? 😉My evening […]

February 28, 2017