Resources for an Easier and Better Weekend – May 29,2015

Hoping to help you have an easier and better weekend, this list of resources that are true to the spirit of Just Rolling with It is curated and published each Friday.

I hope you enjoy the list and that it helps make your weekend a little bit easier and better!


Quote That’s Inspiring Me –

“One meditation student told me that he felt as if he were steamrolling through his days, driven by the feeling that he needed to do more. In a wistful tone he added, “I’m skimming over life and racing to the finish line—death.”

― Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance


Image That’s Inspiring Me –


Ideas That Caught My Attention –

Here’s more evidence that forcing yourself to get up from your desk regularly is good for you.

If you’re like me and have forgotten the benefits of remembering to breathe well, you may want to give this 3 minute breathing exercise a shot.

Book I’m Reading –

Music I’m Listening To –