Resources for a Just Rolling with It Weekend – Edition 18

Mindful Wellness, Weekend Resources / Friday, November 13th, 2015

The weekends are a fantastic time to unwind and recharge. As entrepreneurs, it's really important for us to find time to do this and the weekends can be that time, if we allow them to be.

If we unwind in healthy ways, we can start the new week refreshed. If we choose to blow off steam in unhealthy ways, like I did for so many years, we can find ourselves more exhausted at the end of the weekend than we were at the start of it.

This list of resources will be published each Friday, with the intent of providing you with a head start toward unwinding on the weekend, #justrollingwithit and feeling rested and renewed when you wake up on Monday.

Scroll down for this week's list, be well and here's to #justrollingwithit this weekend!​

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The problem is that our culture has engaged in a Faustian bargain, in which we trade our genius and artistry for apparent stability.

Seth Godin
Linchpin: Are You Indispensible?

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