TED Talks on Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindful Wellness

Mindfulness and meditation are cornerstones of Just Rolling with It. It’s no surprise that TED has invited some of the best and brightest minds to give TED Talks on mindfulness and meditation. This post is a list of videos featuring TED Talks on mindfulness and meditation. Check back often as this list will updated on […]

August 7, 2015

Mindfulness and Meditation Talks at Google

Mindful Wellness

Compared to most other companies who have started jumping onto the mindfulness train over the past few years, Google has a long and established history with mindfulness, which can be traced back to the hiring of Chade-Meng Tan back in 2000. Chade-Meng became known as Google’s “Jolly Good Fellow”  and launched the Search Inside Yourself class […]

July 21, 2015

Doing What You Love with Aimee Karr

Doing What You Love

Today’s installment in the Doing What You Love series features Aimee Karr – Postpartum Doula, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher and Childbirth Educator My wife first met Aimee at one of the prenatal yoga classes that Aimee teaches in the neighborhood. She was really enjoying Aimee’s classes and telling me how talented Aimee was at leading […]

June 12, 2015