Here’s What Virtual Assistants Can Do For You

Many people like the idea of working with virtual assistants (VA's). VA's can do what you don't want to do, so you can do more of what you want to do. Doing more of what you want to do can increase your wellness and you'll feel better as a result.

So why don't more people work with VA's?

Because they don't know what VA's can do for them.

This post describes two ways to figure out what virtual assistants can do for you.

What Should I Ask My Virtual Assistants to Do for Me?

The first question most of my virtual assistant coaching clients ask me is "What should I ask my virtual assistants to do for me?"

I answer this question in two ways -

1 - I provide a free weekly list of actual tasks I assign to my VA's

This is the quick-start value in my coaching process. The examples help clients understand the types of tasks I assign. My hope is for these lists to inspire my clients to reuse the task examples and/or think about similar tasks that would apply in their lives.

The free weekly VA ideas lists are available to everyone who subscribes to my newsletter. Signup using the form in the sidebar of this post to receive your free weekly VA ideas lists.

2 - I help clients establish a VA task outsourcing mindset

This is the longer-term value in my coaching process. Establishing a framework for deciding what to outsource helps clients learn to think about and recognize things in their daily lives they'd like VA's to do for them. Over time, this type thinking becomes a natural part of their mindset.

This mindset becomes especially valuable when the circumstances of the clients' lives change, which they inevitably do.

How to Figure Out What Virtual Assistants Can Do for You

If you'd like to establish a mindset for figuring out what VA's can do for you, think about tasks that -

1 - In either your personal or professional life, will free time up for you to do either -

2 - Things you want to do, rather than have to do, or

3 - More value-added, rather than administrative, things for your business

If it's helpful in narrowing the list down further, also think about tasks -

4 - You have to do

5 - Take you more than 5 minutes and less than an hour

6 - Feel like a waste of your time and cause you frustration because you still have to do them

7 - Bonus points if the tasks need to be repeated on a regular basis, i.e. daily, weekly or monthlyI hope this list helps you figure out what VA's can do for you.

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