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2019's Top 10 Dream Chasing Issues

I started compiling this list last year. It was well received so I thought I’d do it again 😊

Plus, compiling this list helps me reflect back on the year. It helps me understand what topics resonate most with you.

So without further introduction, here are the ten most popular Just Rolling with It issues of 2019 🎉

10.  The Dream Goes Global

9.  The Dream is a Trap

8.  Imposter Syndrome and the Gatekeepers

7.  There's that Shaky Feeling Again

6.  Leaving the Hustle Behind Again

5.  A Dispatch from Dreamland

4.  I Can't Keep Doing This for That Long

3.  A Dream Reader

2.  Pushing the Dream for Generations

1.  Forget Time, Attention is Our Most Valuable Asset

Sending my best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy 2020 🙏

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