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Always Racing to Catch Up, To What?

I’ve felt “behind” for most of my adult life.

To start, let’s define adult. Adult to me means the years after college. I was always told to get good grades, go to a “good” school, then get a “good” job. “Good” meant average to alright, never outstanding or great.

Then what?The “good” job would to take care of me for life. I would to be miserable at work. Then it would be OK to enjoy myself a little after I retired.

Society sold my parents’ generation that “dream”. I caught the tail end of it. Then I rejected it.

The tough part was there’s no roadmap for the “other” path. I started to use material wealth and its accumulation as a stand-in for the roadmap.

This began a few years after college graduation. I gave myself a few year buffer after graduation to get my sh*t together.

That’s when I started to feel behind. That’s when I started feeling like I never had enough.Of what?

Of money and the things it buys. Money buys the outward signs of success.

We’re supposed to work harder and harder, to make more and more money, to buy more and more things at higher and higher prices.

No wonder I never felt caught up. There’s NO WAY to feel caught up in this cycle.

The companies that sell us these things don’t WANT up to feel caught up. They want us to “aspire” to acquire the next new thing, a little bit beyond our financial reach.

Just Rolling with It has changed that for me. I’ve learned to define my “path” in a healthier way. This meant resetting values. It’s also meant redefining what “things” are important in my life.

As a result, I don’t feel “behind” any longer. I feel grateful for this. It’s another sign to me that Just Rolling with It works.

How about you? Do you feel behind or caught-up in your life?

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