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Helpful Apps to Make You a More Mindful Entrepreneur

Becoming a more mindful entrepreneur helps us experience greater wellness along our journey as entrepreneurs. The apps featured here can help us become more mindful entrepreneurs, each in its own way.

Used together, these apps provide a holistic framework to increase our ability to become more aware and mindful of our experiences and related emotions, as well the impact they have on our mind and body. These apps can help manage the pressures and related emotions that cycle through each one of us along our journey as entrepreneurs.

Tested and Proven Apps for the Mindful Entrepreneur

​I personally use each of these apps on a daily basis and have found them to be very helpful along my own journey as an entrepreneur. I’d suggest picking one to get started and trying to work it into your daily routine. Add others, one-by-one, as each activity becomes embedded into your daily routine. I’ll be adding new apps to this list as I discover and test them. Sign-up below to be notified when new apps are added to the list.

What are some of the apps that help you stay mindful on your journey as an entrepreneur? Let’s discuss in the comments!​

Mindful Mynah

Purpose – Reminds you to come back to the present moment and helps to keep your mind open and expansive, especially when locking-in on a task may cause your mind to become constricted.

Description – I found this app through Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits blog. Mindful Mynah is a simple bell that rings at an interval you define, as a reminder to come back to the present moment. It runs in the background so you can set it an forget it. I like to get up, stretch and take 3 full breaths each time the bell rings.

You may be surprised at how difficult it actually is to unroot from what you’re doing when the bell rings to even do something as simple as stand up from your chair. Discovering how difficult this can be consistently reminds me how useful this simple app really is.

Availability – OS X, iOS​

Pricing – $1.99​

Website –

5 Minute Journal

Purpose –Helps you establish a routine of positive thinking and gratitude, both essential to manage the emotional swings of entrepreneurship.

Description – I found the 5 Minute Journal through a recommendation from Tim Ferriss. I originally purchased the physical book and filled it out completely, over the course of 6 months or so.

After completing my first journal, I stopped, then actually came back to the iPhone version about 4 months later. I find that taking just a few minutes in the morning to complete the entries gets my day off to a positive and motivating start.

Completing the evening entries helps me remember the good things that happened during the day – which I think most of us have a tendency to overlook. I then go to bed with an enhanced sense of well-being that the evening dose of gratitude generates inside of me.

Availability – Hard Copy!**, **iOS

Pricing – $22.95 for hard copy, $4.99 for app

Website –


Purpose – Plan and add focus to your day. Keep your day focused on what’s important as the pressures and distractions of the day begin to build. Make your day more productive and less stressful by doing this.

Description – As described in my post ​about making your day more productive and less stressful, Asana functions as the foundation of my day. I use Asana to set my priorities for the day each morning, check each one off as it’s completed and come back to it throughout the day to help focus my attention and activity.

This process has improved my wellness by giving me the positive feedback that comes from completing a task. The process also helps me fight the tendency to keep trying to do “one more thing” and strike a better balance among work and other priorities, like family and my health.

Availability – Web , iOS , Android

Price – Free for most individual uses, paid premium versions available for larger teams.

Website –

Insight Timer

Purpose – Establish and maintain a daily meditation practice.

Description – I began meditating some time ago, using a post on Zen Habits as a guide to getting started. There are a lot of meditation and mindfulness apps out there. The first one I used was the Mindfulness App, which worked decently well for me for a while. It was a little buggy here and there, however served a pretty solid purpose.

I then discovered the Insight Timer and have used it ever since. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, mainly because the design left a bit to be desired. However, once I got past the design and discovered the flexible functionality, strong community and comprehensive library of guided meditations that was included in the app, Insight Timer quickly became my mediation app of choice. I also understand that a new version will be released in mid-2015 to add features and update the design.

Availability – iOS , Android

Price – $2.99

Website –

Day One Journal

Purpose –Helps you establish the habit of journaling, to get all those ideas out of your head and process the emotions that come along with the entrepreneur’s journey.

Description – The Day One Journal kept coming up in conversations with entrepreneurs who seemed to be using it for a myriad of purposes. After doing some investigation and realizing it’s not really an Evernote replacement, I decided to give it a shot.

​The app can run on your desktop and phone and synchronizes between the two. (Note: You have to purchase each app separately.) I have reminders set for each morning and afternoon, to give me the nudge I need to make my journal entries.

I usually use the app on my laptop, since its easier to type. Day One Journal for me has basically become a free-form dumping ground for whatever thoughts and emotions have been welling-up in my body and mind throughout the day.

I’m finding the exercise of journaling to be a fantastic pressure release valve to push toward the end of each day.

Availability – OS X, iOS

Price – $9.99 for OS X and $4.99 for iOS

Website –