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Here's How to Be More Productive and Feel Better Doing It

My goal for becoming more productive is a little different than most. Most people I’ve come across try and become more productive so they can do more. This creates a destructive cycle.

The more you do, the more you have time to do. This cycle leads to burnout. You can only run so fast and so far, before you need to rest or crash.

I learned this by crashing a lot 🙂

I don’t optimize my productivity to do more and go faster. I optimize my productivity to do less and SLOW DOWN.

Another way to think of it is to do more of what I need to do in less time. This leaves more time to do more of what I want to do. I’m learning that wanting to do less actually helps me do more.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this in the context of letting the being inform the doing. I’ve started writing about this. I’ve started to be more productive and feel better doing it.

I’m starting to call this concept the Virtuous Cycle of Productivity and Wellness.

The idea is that –

-Increasing your productivity gives you more free time

-You can use the free time you discover to engage in wellness activities, NOT more work 😉

-You start feeling better when you’re engaging in more wellness activities

-You become more productive when you’re feeling better

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat!

This creates the virtuous, rather than destructive, cycle.

What’s your definition of productivity? Do you become more productive to –

A – Do MORE, MORE, MORE and even MORE work 🙂

B – Do LESS, slow down and take better care of yourself?

Oh, and try B, if you’re doing A 😉

P.S. – Thanks to my friend Jason for the artwork. Jason’s a talented artist from Bushwick, Brooklyn and friend of Just Rolling with It.