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Here’s How Therapy Corrected My Biggest Career Mistake

I see a therapist once a week. I’ve been doing this for almost four years now.

Who me, see a therapist?

Here’s my old view of therapy –

“Who, me? I don’t need to see a therapist. There’s nothing WRONG with me!”

Today I talk about going to therapy openly, freely and without shame. My therapist’s become an essential resource on this Just Rolling with It journey.

I still don’t “get” how the process works. I’m convinced it does though!

A concrete example’s emerged. I thought it would be beneficial to share it with you.

It’s possible to feel excited about…WORK?!

I started exploring blockchain technologies about a year ago. My therapist asked me about it during a session. My response was filled with excitement and optimism.

Then she asked me about the other work I was doing at the time. That response wasn’t filled with the same emotions.

Before Just Rolling with It, I would have ignored this contrast. I used to think work had to make me miserable, after all.That therapy session happened about the same time I reset my expectations about work and happiness. I was starting to believe the work I do could make me happy.

Happiness and work didn’t have to be separate things anymore.

Last week I attended the Ethereum Name Service Workshop. If you don’t know, Ethereum is a blockchain technology. I’m starting to do more and more work in the blockchain space.This work is making me feel happy.

That moment in therapy, where I realized my enthusiasm for blockchain work, played a big part in this evolution.This is one concrete example I give when people ask me why I go to therapy. I feel grateful for it.

What are your views on therapy? Do you see going as a sign of weakness or strength?