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Do That Thing Today, You Know Which One

How do you decide what to do everyday? Do you have trouble deciding what to do? Do you feel like you have too much to do? Keep it simple. Trust in yourself. You already know what to do. Here’s how figure it out.

What should you do today? Do that thing. Yeah, you know which one I’m talking about. Really, you do.​

It’s the one that keeps popping up in your thoughts.

It’s the one you keep trying to ignore or push away.

It’s the one that won’t go away.

It’s the one that makes you feel a little excited, nervous, and afraid.

It’s the one that’s keeping you stuck because you don’t do it.

It’s the one that will starting things flowing when you do it.

It’s the one you come close to doing. It’s the one you never quite do though.

It’s the one you tell yourself you should do.

It’s the one you always find a reason not to do.

It’s the one where you tell yourself the conditions aren’t quite right to do today. It’s the one you tell yourself you’ll do when the conditions are just right.

And they’re not quite right today, so you don’t do it.

It’s the one that gives you hope.

It’s the one you’re afraid to do. You’re afraid the hope will disappear if it doesn’t turn out the way you hope it will.

You’re afraid other people won’t understand why you did it. You’re afraid other people will judge you for doing it.

You’re afraid because you can’t predict the outcome. You’re afraid it might be a waste of time.

Do it today.

Do it without expectations. Do it without a plan.

Do it and see how you feel after you do it.

Don’t judge the results. Don’t compare the results to what you hoped the results would be. Don’t start planning 10 steps ahead.

See how you feel after it’s done. That’s all.

Then decide if you want to keep doing it.

Decide if you want to do it again. Or decide if you want to do something else.

Give yourself a little time to decide. Don’t feel the need to decide right away.

Then let that become the next thing you do.

This post was my one thing for today.

What’s yours?