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Does Compliance Get Rewarded or Punished?

Our society rewards those who comply. It punishes those who don’t.

Live the dream pushed on us and sold to us. Then you’ll experience happiness.

The dream defines that happiness for you too. That makes it easier to know what you deserve. Then you’ll know when experiencing happiness is appropriate too.

What does happiness mean? The dream says happiness is living comfortably. You’ll fit in. You’ll “get what you deserve”.

The surface level conversations are easy. They’re safe. So is comparing yourself to others living the dream.

Society rewards you. Or so it seems.

Inside do you feel happy? Does it feel like a dream? Or does it feel like a nightmare?

It’s possible you don’t know. Maybe you’re sleeping and you don’t realize it.

You know that dissatisfaction you feel? It’s the feeling you explain away using the dream’s happiness definition.

Maybe it sounds like –

“I didn’t do this because…(my boss didn’t let me…)” or

“I wish I could but…(I don’t deserve it…) or

“That would be fantastic but…(what would they think of me)…”

You may start doubting yourself because you realize the dream isn’t setup for your happiness. You don’t expect to be happy, at least on your terms.

That’s OK though, because it’s the dream. Their dream not yours.

But is it OK?

It felt like punishment to me. That’s what led to me start Just Rolling with It.

How about you? Do you comply? If so, are you rewarded or punished?

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