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Doing What You Love with Diana Cornell

Today’s installment in the Doing What You Love series features Diana Cornell – Owner of This Pie Is Nuts

My wife and I first met Diana at the LIC Flea and Food a couple of years ago. Diana was at her tent giving out free samples of the This Pie Is Nuts pies. We sampled a few and really enjoyed them! Diana’s energy was magnetic!

I felt inspired after speaking with her. My wife and I felt great as we each ate a slice of pie and browsed the flea. We enjoyed the slices and felt invigorated and energized after eating them. That’s a winning combination in my book.

I reconnected with Diana on Instagram about a year later. Her positive and inspiring energy shines through each post. So does her sense of humor. It was clear her business was growing fast.

I realized Diana was and is doing what she loves. Reading her story left me feeling more inspired than ever! I felt thrilled when she agreed to be featured.

May you find her interview as inspirational as I have :)​

1 – What is it you do that you love?

I own a pie company called This Pie Is Nuts. We make pies and granola almost entirely out of nuts! They are Vegan, Gluten Free and Paleo Certified.

2 – How and when did you realize what it is you love to do?

I have loved cooking for a long time. I started making these pies in my kitchen at home..with no intention of ever having a company. I was just making them for my son. The more I made them…the more I wanted to make them.

3 – When did you decide to make a commitment to doing what you love? What does that commitment look like, e.g. full-time job, part-time hobby, etc.

My friends and neighbors were asking me to make pies for them…so I wanted to see what the public thought. I started selling them at the LIC Flea and Food. I knew after the first weekend that this is what I wanted to do. I have been doing it full time ever since!

4 – How long have you been doing what you love?

I have been in business for about 2 years.

5 – What was the toughest decision you had to make when making a commitment to doing what you love?

I honestly don’t know if I’ve had a decision that has been tough. They all make me think. All make me a better business owner.

6 – Was there a time that you had doubts about doing what you love? If so, how did or do you overcome those doubts and keep doing what you love?

Honestly, not once. Even when it’s not easy, I still love it.

7 – What are some of the things you enjoy most about doing what you love?

The best thing about having this company is the people I have connected with, both in person and over social media.

8 – Do you have any advice for people who are struggling with making a commitment to doing what they love, even if they know they want to make the commitment?

I think it’s human nature to struggle with commitment. It’s no easy task to take a risk. I think the best thing to do is surround yourself with people who support you…and keep them near you. And EXPECT things to go wrong…because they will. A LOT. And that’s just part of it. It’ll actually make you stronger. Just go for it!!!

9 – Is there anything else you’d like to add about doing what you love?

If it’s something you think about…if it’s something you can’t stop thinking about…then go for it. The thrill you’ll feel is like nothing else.

Here’s Diana’s Bio –

About 20 years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was told there was no cure and that there was nothing, aside from some medicine to keep it at bay, that I could do to stop it. I decided that one way to ensure my health would be to take better control of my diet. I wanted to continue eating good tasting food, but I wanted to avoid anything that wasn’t good for me. My desire to learn more led me to enroll in the Natural Gourmet Institute. My experience there gave me a whole different insight into what I was eating. I graduated and experimented with what I learned. “This Pie Is Nuts!” was born.