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When Seen This Way, Failure's Not So Terrifying

I used to be terrified of failure. I was raised to believe mistakes were to be avoided at all costs. Mistakes were viewed as failures. I was punished for making mistakes. I was punished for failing. I became terrified of making mistakes. I became terrified to fail.

Failure doesn’t scare me as much any more. I don’t view mistakes as failure. I view mistakes as guides to finding my true path in life. I view making mistakes as learning opportunities.

Seen from this perspective, making mistakes isn’t failing. Making mistakes takes us closer toward our true paths.

Recently, I started reading Let Your Life Speak, by Parker Palmer. He talks about finding our “way”. He describes how he used to believe that our “way” opens in front of us.

Parker goes on to explain how he learned that, while our “way” may open in front of us, more often our “way” closes behind us. As he was advised, “…that’s had the same guiding effect.”

What many of us view and experience as mistakes may really be “way” closing behind us. If we view mistakes as failures, the failures may actually be pointing us toward the next steps on our paths toward our true selves.

This means failures aren’t failures at all. This means failures are leading us toward success, if we view success as taking our true path in life.