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Fear, Letting Go and Liberation


I’ve experienced a cycle of fear, letting go and liberation over the past month. It’s left me feeling liberated. I feel grateful for this. It felt like a rough ride, though.

It started with fear. The fear caused me to not sleep one night. I tossed and turned, alone, in a hotel room 1,000’s of miles from home. The fear accompanied me on the 9 hour flight home. I meditated and did some work in the hopes of keeping it at bay.

The fear stayed with me at home. Seeing my family felt renewing. It also amplified the fear, as I asked myself how what I experienced would impact their future.

I woke up with the fear too. Then something shifted.

I realized the fear was tied to external dependencies. Then I realized those external dependencies were unnecessary. This realization helped me let go. Letting go allowed me to trust in myself and dissolve the dependencies.

Then I experienced liberation. I felt free and lighter. The fear was still there. It was now balanced by the freedom and lightness.

The freedom and lightness have grown stronger than the fear since then. I feel grateful for this. The tools I’ve learned along the Just Rolling with It path have made this possible. I feel grateful for this tool.

I share these experiences in the hope that they may inspire you to find the tools that work for you, on your path. If you’ve already discovered some that work, what are they and their effects on you?

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