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Finally, This is the One!

Or maybe it’s not…

Have you ever experienced this? My sense is many entrepreneurs have, in some form or another.

It usually sounds something like -

THIS is the project I’ve been looking for!

THIS is the opportunity of a lifetime!

THIS, finally, is the one that’s going to hit BIG!

Until it doesn’t.

I’ve experienced this many times. It’s happened a couple times in the past few months.

These experiences always teach me something. The question is whether I want to hear what they’re teaching. Most of my career I haven’t. So I ignored the teachings.

The result is sticking with something too long. This delays me hitting the eject button, past when I should have.

Now I’m learning to eject earlier and get out faster. Some might call it failing fast. I feel failing is too harsh a word for this.

It’s a tricky balance to strike. How long should you stick with something?

There’s no magic formula. That’s where trusting yourself comes into the picture.

I’m learning I know when the tipping point emerges. It starts as an uncomfortable restlessness. Recently, for one project, it was a combination of -

1 - Experiencing a replay of past mistakes and thinking, this time it may turn out differently.

and -

2 - Seeing a clear path forward, yet not being in a position to lead the project down that path.

Sure, sometimes things turn out differently, even for the better. I’ve come to appreciate that. I didn’t feel like this was one of those times. I’ve come to trust my sense of this.

I could have kept trying to position myself to lead the project. But I’ve also come to learn when that works and when it doesn’t. It wasn’t going to work this time, at least not with the current project’s leadership.

So I ejected.

How did I know this was the right thing to do? I felt lighter and freer when thinking about doing it. I feel lighter and freer after having done it.

That’s how :)

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