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Getting Punished for Compliance, By Whom and Why?


Who’s punishing your compliance?

Maybe society’s punishing you. More likely, if you’re reading this, you’re punishing yourself.

I wrote about how we get punished for compliance a couple weeks ago. The thought came up again today during a conversation with a friend, while we we out for a fall bike ride.

My sense is most of us feel society rewards compliance. Chase the dream to comply. Get rewarded for your compliance.

The rewards are more and more expensive things. The things become more abundant and expensive as you comply more.

This friend told me that consumption accounts for 70% of America’s economy. That’s a lot of rewards! Do you have enough of them?

There are many well-rewarded marketers making sure you think you don’t have enough. If you’re like I was before Just Rolling with It, I bought-into that scarcity messaging, hard.

I’m now realizing I was being punished. Society was punishing me. Society was enticing me to run faster and faster. The marketers kept moving the finish line further and further each way.

I was punishing myself too. I was unconscious about this at first. I was doing what I “should be” doing.

But according to whom? Not according to my true self, that’s for sure!

Just Rolling with It’s removing the punishment from both sides. I’m learning it’s OK to not chase the dream. That’s getting me closer to my true self.

For this I feel grateful 🙂

How about you? Are you being punished? If so, by whom?

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