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Here’s The Upgraded Just Rolling with It Newsletter

The upgraded the Just Rolling with It newsletter is now available. This post describes the improvements it has over the previous version. I’m feeling excited about this. I hope you are too!

Right now I try and send the newsletter each Friday evening. My hope is it provides you with some weekend inspiration and entertainment.

Upgraded Format and Content

The upgraded newsletter has a new format. The new format is based on feedback the Just Rolling with It community provided.My gratitude to those of you who helped choose it!

Most of the content mix hasn’t changed. The newsletter starts with original writing by me. It then lists books, music and podcasts.I also tried to make the newsletter it less “me”-centric. That’s based on a comment from a community member too. I value and appreciate such straightforward feedback!

There’s also a shiny new newsletter archive page. Past newsletter issues are available there.

Vulnerability, Communication and Outreach

The newsletter is an attempt to communicate to each community member on a personal level. It’s an outreach effort. My hope is it increases communication between us!

It’s also evolved to include my most vulnerable writing. Since it’s sent weekly, you’re receiving my thoughts as I’m experiencing them.

It’s my hope this vulnerability –

1 – Breaks down barriers between us.

2 – Helps you realize you’re not alone in not having it all figured out.

Books, Music and Podcasts to keep on Just Rolling with It

The newsletter still included books, music and podcasts. This is a current list of resources helping me roll with it.

1 – A current reading list. These are the books I’m reading at the time.

2 – The music that keeps me Just Rolling with It.

3 – The podcasts that keep me inspired to keep on Just Rolling with It.

I actually spend a lot of time researching each of these items. My hopes in including them are that –

A – You find them enjoyable and of benefit.

B – They spark more conversation between us.

Your Responses and Feedback

Finally, I can’t tell you how much I value each and every response I receive.

I remain committed to replying to every response. It may take a little while, however I will respond!

The newsletter is one of the free Just Rolling with It Community benefits. If you don’t already receive the newsletter, join our always free community here to begin receiving it!