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Humans Don't Need a New Operating System

Welcome to the first JRWI newsletter of 2019 😊

2019 marks the start of the fifth year of the JRWI blog 🙏

A LOT has changed for me since then. The blog and newsletter have evolved a lot too.

The New Year is a time of reflection and resolution setting for many people. Along those lines, this tweet caught my eye over the holidays:

I felt moved to respond –

Ali didn’t reply. A few people responded to me. You can see their comments by clicking the above link.

I started thinking about this idea of a human operating system. To me, most “productivity systems” do nothing but teach us to run faster on the unconscious treadmill of life. They drain the humanity out of us in exchange for a false sense of certainty.

We don’t need a new human operating system. We don’t have to build or hack a new one together from scratch.

The operating system we were each born with is what we need. JRWI is teaching me that the important work is to uncover our innate humanity. This is our necessary operating system.

It’s there. If your experience is anything like mine, it may be buried so deeply that you forgot it’s there. You may have ignored or suppressed it for so long you don’t even hear it speaking any more.

Uncovering our innate human OS is hard. It’s scary too. I experience the difficulty and fear daily.

I also experience the joy, fulfillment and happiness that listening to our humanity allows to manifest. To me, these feelings far outweigh any potential productivity increase that hacking together a new OS may or may not provide.

How about you? When’s the last time you heard your humanity speaking to you, providing you with direction? What did you do when you heard it, if you heard it at all?

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