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I Actually DO Have Enough Time, Do You?

I’ve talked about setting a small number of daily priorities before. Most days the 6-7 daily priorities feel like enough. Once in a while, they don’t. Today is one of those days.

I’ve learned my stress spikes to an unhealthy level when the number exceeds 7. Today I was tempted to add an 8th and maybe 9th. I resisted, to keep the unhealthy stress spike at bay.

Then I started feeling like “there wasn’t enough time in the day”. This feeling started creeping into my consciousness earlier this morning.

Then I caught myself, again. I’m actually starting to not buy this “not enough time” thing.

Rather than “not enough time”, I think it’s more a matter of -

• Trying to do too much and

• Not being clear enough about the day’s priorities

This isn’t an easy reframing. I do experience it as beneficial. The reframing gets me thinking about -

• How much is enough?

• What’s really important?

These questions remind me to ease off the accelerator. Once I start easing back, clarity starts to restore itself.

It’s then easier to revisit these questions. This makes it easier to ease back a little more.

The stress starts dissipating. Then the cycle repeats. I’m experiencing it right now, as I write this to you.

This feels like a hopeful start to the weekend. I feel grateful for the experience.

How about you? Do you always feel like you “don’t have enough time”? If so, why not?

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