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[INFOGRAPHIC] Being Emotionally Intelligent Promotes Wellness in the Entrepreneur's Day

The Intensely Emotional Journey of an Entrepreneur

The journey of an entrepreneur is an intensely emotional one. Most of what we see in the mass media about entrepreneurs focuses on the extreme success and related positive emotions enjoyed by a very small percentage of celebrity entrepreneurs. Those of us on the entrepreneurial journey know this coverage portrays just a very small part of what’s really a daily struggle.

According to the Kauffman Foundation, “Entrepreneurs have been showcased, praised, and glorified—in books, TV shows, movies, magazines, and events—to a degree never seen before in history. As a result, “Becoming an entrepreneur is sexy and viewed as a guaranteed success.”

What gets lost in this perspective is the not so exciting day-to-day work that happens behind the scenes to make these successes happen. It’s this more mundane journey that often leads to the more extreme outcomes of success and more often than success, failure.

Entrepreneurship is Not Cool, Not Sexy and It’s Totally Uncomfortable

Eric Ries has become widely quoted as saying, “Entrepreneurship is not cool, it’s not sexy and it’s totally uncomfortable. It’s boring and grueling, and that part is never part of the movie.”

Significant emotional challenges come along with this day-to-day struggle. These daily emotional challenges can be just as difficult to handle as the more intense ups and downs so dramatically featured in the media. How an entrepreneur learns to be intelligent about and work with these emotions on a daily basis can be a huge contributor to the success or failure of an entrepreneur’s efforts.

Emotional Intelligence Adds Wellness to the Entrepreneur’s Day

A big part of increasing my wellness as an entrepreneur has been to become more emotionally intelligent. A big part of becoming more emotionally intelligent is to understand the emotional timeline that characterizes the day of an entrepreneur.

Learning to be aware of our emotions throughout the day, each day, refines our emotional intelligence, making it easier to manage our emotions and the overall emotional journey of an entrepreneur.

What does the emotional timeline of your day as an entrepreneur look like? How is it similar to the timeline shown in the infographic? How is it different? Let’s discuss in the comments.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Emotional Timeline of an Entrepreneur's Day

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