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Just Rolling with It is Worth It, Here’s Why

Just Rolling with It is worth it! That’s what I’ve decided a year after starting the Just Rolling with It journey. This post describes 13 reasons why I believe Just Rolling with It is a journey worth taking.2015 marked the first full year of me jumping head first into my Just Rolling with It journey. Just Rolling with It is a journey I am taking to reboot my life and career as an entrepreneur. I’m doing this to become happier for myself, my family and others.

This posts lists the benefits I’ve started to enjoy by Just Rolling with It. You can see what I’ve learned about Just Rolling with It in this post.​

Principles of mindful wellness form the foundation of this approach. I’m exploring, discovering and using these principles as guides along my path. They’ve proven to be valuable guides as the path continues to unfold in front of me.

This blog is my place to share these principles of mindful wellness with other entrepreneurs. My hope is that these principles may benefit you on your own journey.

I’ve come to believe it’s important to pause and reflect on this journey to —

Rest, reset and recharge

Redirect as necessary…and it’s always necessary

Allow the positive changes that have happened to sink into my consciousness

I’ve also learned that –

Letting the “being inform the doing” and

Not grasping tightly to fixed outcomes

While counterintuitive to entrepreneurs, can be of great benefit to us.

Resting, resetting, recharging and redirecting are reminders to ease off the accelerator. These reminders help me let the “being inform the doing” and resist the urge to pursue fixed outcomes.

The benefits of allowing positive changes to sink into my consciousness hit home after reading Buddha’s Brain, by Dr. Rick Hanson. Dr. Hanson provides evidence based on neuroscience to explain how taking the time to pause, allowing positive changes to sink into our brains, helps rewire our brains to provide lasting and positive changes. This happens by helping to counter the negativity bias that exists within our brains.

With that as an introduction, here are the benefits I’ve started to enjoy in my first full year of Just Rolling with It —

1 — Sleep Improvements

I’m sleeping between 7 and 8 hours a night. I’m feeling well-rested for the first time in my life. I’m feeling rested even while waking up more than an hour earlier than I used to wake. The fluctuations you are due to my son being born in July 😉

2 — Weight Loss and Inflammation Reduction

I’ve dropped a few pounds and my inflammation levels have plummeted.

Me with my niece, before Just Rolling with It

just rolling with it is worth it

Me with my son, after Just Rolling with It

3 — Significant Fitness Improvements

I finished a 93 mile bike ride, that included 12,000 feet of climbing in the mountains of Virginia.

My resting heart rate has dropped to elite-athlete level, 46 BPM at last count.

just rolling with it is worth it

5 — Increased Energy Levels

I’m feeling more energetic than ever. I’m learning how essential this is to keep up with my newborn son. I’m feeling especially grateful since I’m starting fatherhood later in life than most.

A photo posted by Chris Remus (@justrollingwithit) on Aug 23, 2015 at 8:43am PDT

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6 —  Less Anxiety and a More Peaceful Mind

I’ve established a solid daily meditation practice.

These stats are from Insight Timer. Sent me (Chris Remus) a friend request on the app to connect.

I’m experiencing a growing sense of equanimity. It’s helping me cope with the voices of fear and anxiety. These voices have dominated my consciousness for most of my life.

8 — Increased Openness and Connection

The world is feeling like a friendlier place.

I’m meeting and connecting with more people, in more ways that I every thought possible. I’m feeling integrated within a neighborhood in a city that truly feels like home.

A photo posted by Chris Remus (@justrollingwithit) on Aug 29, 2015 at 4:33am PDT

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10 — More Excited, Focused and Productive at Work

I’m more focused, clear-headed and productive at work than ever.

I came back from the holiday break excited to get back to work, rather than dreading going “back to the grind”. I look forward to Monday mornings, really 🙂

The 3 remaining tasks are my 3 work priorities for today. Setting priorities each day makes my day more productive and less stressful.

12 — Less Boozy and Happier Because of It

I’m experiencing a sense of joy throughout the day and week. The only time I used to be happy was on evenings, weekends on vacation. Those would be the times I usually had a drink in my hand.

I’ve cut back on drinking from 20+ drinks/week to not having drink in nearly 5 months.While I’ll still have a drink once in a while, I’m surprised I’m not missing alcohol. I also stopped agreeing with Frank Sinatra along the way.

Just Rolling with It is Worth It!

I’ll be talking more about each of these benefits throughout 2016. I’ll explain how I believe they’ve manifested for me.

I’m feeling excited to share some of the methods I’ve used to help them manifest. My hope is that these methods may help you experience them too.