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Reflections on Just Rolling with It’s Third Birthday

I’m writing this on vacation with the family. We’re visiting the same place for the fourth time in five years. The only year we skipped it was when our son was born.

Returning here reminded me Just Rolling with It’s three year birthday passed earlier this month. Just Rolling with It was born October 31, 2014.

I guess it was really born before that. I choose October 31, 2014 for a reason though. That was the date I received the last payment from a client that was paying me more money than I ever though I’d earn.

We discovered my wife was pregnant shortly after that!

It felt like a scary time, characterized by more uncertainty than I could ever remember experiencing. I feel grateful three years later things feel like they’re rolling in a hopeful direction.

We visited this resort where I wrote this post for the first time in 2013. Cash flow felt good, life didn’t feel so good. The first signs of Just Rolling with It were beginning to take shape.

Fear and uncertainty characterized our visit in 2014. There was also hope in the pregnancy. Cash flow felt frightening, life didn’t feel so good.

The 2016 visit felt hopeful. We returned with our son. It was hard, however we felt grateful for the opportunity. Cash flow felt shaky, life felt good.


Cash flow felt shaky and life felt good? That’s the first time I started to experience that cash flow and a good life weren’t necessarily dependent on each other.

This year feels hopeful too. Cash flow still feels shaky, yet more hopeful than last year. That feels hopeful to me. Life feels good too. I feel pretty happy.

I feel like Just Rolling with It’s working 😉

And for this I feel grateful.

Thanks for being along for the ride. Please remember, my hope is this is your ride too. I need your help to make that happen.

The simplest way to do this is to contact me here. Let me know one thing that would make Just Rolling with It more helpful to your journey.