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Let’s Keep Openness, Hope and Optimism Rolling, Together, OK?

Remembering that openness, hope and optimism are powerful counter-balances to fear and anxiety in uncertain times.

I struggle with fear and anxiety. Those are the two emotions I struggle with most as an entrepreneur.

I also struggle with uncertainty. That’s kind of an emotion. I’m going to call it an emotion. Fear, anxiety and uncertainty are constant companions of mine on this Just Rolling with It journey.

I feel grateful today I’ve been learning to work with these uncomfortable emotions. I’m learning that openness, hope and optimism are powerful tools to counter fear, anxiety and uncertainty. Another tool is remembering the impermanence of all things.

Many of us woke up this morning experiencing fear, anxiety and uncertainty. I know I did. These feelings had been building since Monday.

I went to bed last night feeling them build. I feel fortunate I was able to fall asleep.

The news I woke up to this morning brought these emotions out in full force. I’ve been trying to stay open to these emotions. I’ve been trying to stay with, rather than close myself off to them.

The hope and optimism I’ve experienced (and continue to experience) during this just rolling with it journey have helped me today. Remembering the impermanence of everything, including presidential terms, has felt beneficial too.

Today has helped me understand why I’m sharing my Just Rolling with It journey with each of you. I’m doing this to share the glimpses of openness, hope and optimism I experience. My wish is this helps you experience them too.

I’ll be focusing on doing this even stronger conviction, starting today.

I’ll remember that nothing’s permanent, good or bad, when things get tougher than usual. I hope you will too.

Thanks again for being along for the journey.

Thanks again for just rolling with it.

Let’s keep openness, hope and optimism rolling. Together.



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