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How To Make Bulletproof Coffee with an Egg

Here’s how to make Bulletproof Coffee with an extra boost of protein.

If you don’t know what bulletproof coffee is, you can read about it here. This is a post describing how I make it, including an egg for protein (Thanks to Joseph Giacona from Neighborhood Natural Medicine for the idea of adding the egg!).

I’ve refined this process, which uses a Chemex Six Cup Coffee Maker to brew the coffee, with ingredients I like and that are pretty readily available to me. It gives me consistent and cost-efficient glass of bulletproof coffee that I enjoy at each morning. I hope you enjoy it too!

Here’s what it looks like when you’re done –

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These are the ingredients –

1. 500ml of water, or just enough water to fill about half of a Chemex Six Cup Coffee Maker.

After using the original and glass handle versions, I like to use the glass handle version, as I find the one piece design simpler to use and clean.

I’d recommend using filtered water, although I don’t at the moment. Even though the NYC water is supposed to be pretty good, I’ve been meaning to buy an Aquasana water filter, again through the recommendation of Joseph Giacona at Neighborhood Natural Medicine.

2. 26–28 grams of coffee beans.

This amount was recommended to me by my friends at Gimme! Coffee on Lorimer Street and has been working really nicely.

I look for single origin and organic beans, grown at high altitude in Central America, that go through a washed or wet process, as recommended by the creator of Bulletproof Coffee.

Right now I’m using Honduras Capucas Angel Mejia organic beans from Gimme! That are working really nicely and tasting great. I also buy beans from Brooklyn Roasting Company and Sweetleaf. I try to stick with fair-trade, organic beans, as I’m coming to learn that coffee growers are easily exploited and that coffee’s one of the most sprayed crops when it comes to pesticides. I do need to learn more about the former, while the latter just makes sense to me.

3 — 2 tablespoons of raw, organic coconut oil.

I find the best price on raw, organic coconut oil at Costco. The Carrington Farms brand is usually $16.99 for 64 ounces at the Costcos here in NYC.

4 — 2 tablespoons of grass fed butter.

Again, Costco to the rescue, where I buy Kerrygold butter. I’m not 100% sold on Kerrygold and I think I’d prefer butter made from raw milk, however Kerrygold works pretty well and is readily available.

5 — 1 large organic brown egg

Wait a minute…Costco again? Yep, 2 dozen organic brown eggs for about $6.99.

It just dawned on me that about 75% of my ingredients come from Costco, who knew? 😉

The process of making the bulletproof coffee and getting the fun separation of colors is deceptively simple. Make the coffee, pour it into any blender with the coconut oil, grass fed butter, and egg, then blend. I like to use the low “milkshake” setting on my old and super-basic Oster blender. If you want to make things a bit more complicated, you can always make the coffee like I do, described here, your choice ☺

Once you pour your bulletproof coffee in a glass, you should the nice separation of the coffee at the bottom, oils, then egg on the top, happens naturally on its own and you’ll end up with a glass that looks like the one in the picture. (Oh, yeah, I like to burn a stick of Tara Healing Incense when I drink it sometimes…)

I sprinkle some combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, raw cacao, and/or cayenne pepper on top as well. Apparently cinnamon and nutmeg can contribute some additional health benefits to your coffee and cayenne may too. I’m not sure about raw cacao, however am guessing it may as well, if I look around enough for the right links, which I’m not quite up to at the moment 😉