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Here’s Why Jason Mullings is Just Rolling with It

Before we get started, tell us a little about this picture of you.

​This photo was taken in the second or third round of a water balloon fight between two rooftops on the 4th of July. I’m proud to say that my time spent in little league baseball wasn’t a waste! I was basically throwing home from left field and hitting the catcher in the mitt every time I hit someone 😉

1 – Please share a little about yourself, e.g. brief background/bio

My name is Jason, a thirty year old in search of a better self. I’ve spent the past ten years in a sort of carousel going around and around with a loose idea in mind of what I want to be but with no plan or timetable to become what i didn’t even bother to define.

Maybe an artist, maybe someone who inspired change around me, maybe an activist, maybe a responsible adult. With no idea of what any of those things really were to me, I felt that taking as much time to become any or all of those things were justified. And though at thirty I can’t say that I’m sure what any of those things are definitively, I am sure that I am none of them.

2 – How did you discover Just Rolling with It?

Over time, while slanging coffee at my latest dead end job I began to develop a friendship with Chris, the creator of Just Rolling with It. It immediately stood out to me how he managed to become and do whatever it was he was he wanted to do. Not in the reckless, open ended approach that I had been taking but in a very direct very structured way.

It was amazing to see him set goals and then apply a system to reach them. I can only imagine that he was as equally astonished by how many goals I had managed to not reach while all the while adding more.

I imagine I looked liked a weary traveler doing circles around the base of a mountain I hoped to climb with no clear direction on how to summit.

That is until he decide to introduce me to his idea, Just Rolling with It.

3 – What does Just Rolling with It mean to you?

Just Rolling with It, to me, is a path to conquer the mountains (however big or small) you aim to climb. The pace is steady and unwavering. It acknowledges the missteps and rockslides to come without allowing you to use them as an excuse to stop climbing. It encourages you to improve your paces with each step but doesn’t push you to hit unreasonable strides.

One hundred feet, two hundred feet, three hundred feet, you climb checking off small goals all while keeping you focused on the climb ahead. Looking back you see the distance you’ve traveled and it encourages you to climb further because you now believe you can.

So onward and upward you go.

4 – How are you Just Rolling with It?

It was Chris who literally reached out to help me get started Just Rolling with It. We apply his philosophies and systems of working through apps like Asana, the blog and biweekly meetings.

With daily check-ins, we keep in contact on Asana, after I set my goals or if I miss days without a check in, he sends me encouragement to keep climbing. Checking-in itself gives me the guide for the day and with the tools the app provides I can look back to see how far I’ve climbed.

When we meet in-person Chris offers deeper feedback. Sometimes directly to the work I’m doing and sometimes to the more general climb.

5 – How is Just Rolling with It helpful in your life’s journey?

Just Rolling with It has helped me get closer to reaching those mountain tops I saw off in the distance so long ago. Those impossible heights no longer seem a ways off and unattainable. Not with humongous leaps and back breaking efforts but with daily steps in the direction of my desire.

Just Rolling with It has helped turn those vague dreams into real goals with real steps to reach them.

Taking each step helps encourage me to take another and so I’ve taken the hurdles of defining what it means to be whatever it is I want to be and replaced them with a stride to be a better person than I was the day before.

6 – Do you have any suggestions to help others start Just Rolling with It?

I have to admit, after circling the edges of my dreams for so long, after more than one failed attempt to climb higher, it was hard to believe that any system could correct my course. After taking the first few steps though, I could see the difference.

I wasn’t setting the world on fire, but I wasn’t wasting time going nowhere fast, either. Most importantly I could finally see myself one day reaching the heights that were once dreams.

Don’t be ashamed if Just Rolling with It means something you deem as small right now. All you need is the first small step to get the ball rolling.

P.S. – You can check out some of Jason’s artwork here.​