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Here’s Why Robyn Black is Just Rolling with It

1 – Please share a little about yourself, e.g. brief background/bio

My name is Robyn Black, RB to most people. My entire life has revolved around being outside and playing in dirt and water. I was a pretty messy kid – and proudly, still am.

Over the past 17 years I have been able to make a career based on that hardwired love as a fish and wildlife biologist. Very fortunately, I have travelled a great deal following opportunity and gaining experience, while working with incredible people in amazing places.

Today, I live, work, and explore from my home in British Columbia where I mix business and pleasure, owning and managing an environmental consulting firm with my guy.

2 – How did you discover Just Rolling with It?

I discovered Just Rolling With It, by the greater outer universal energy of Force majeure. Either I could keep trying to beat it or join it. Since I am not one for continual conflict and can recognize when I am on the losing side of a battle, discovering my personal style of Rolling WIth It was an inevitability that has taken me on an at times rough, but very worth it, journey.

Despite a seemingly unconventional and Rolling With It career start as a field biologist working on fishing boats and hiking around the pacific northwest, I eventually became a very conventional, success-seeking ladder climber. Complete with the addictive trappings and external validation that comes with that lifestyle.

And I allowed myself to be defined by the image I put out there and my life became about what I did and produced rather than about how I felt and desired. I had travelled very far away from my original desire of contributing and making an impact within the environmental industry.

I suffered physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually while outwardly I was determined to keep my image intact and keep striving, driving and achieving and doing what I felt was expected of me. The stress eventually deteriorated me to the point of having to face my reality and led me to leave the job and big city, move to a new town, and start my own consulting firm with my guy.

I quickly found out that simply taking the big step does not magically result in life being Rolly and With It. And it certainly can’t be done by using old habits or comparing and modeling myself after others. In order to move forward with our new business and not turn into what I had just left behind, I had to begin with some serious internal restructuring grounded in patience and kindness and open mind and heart. Very difficult for this well-trained, Type A achiever who likes to check off all the boxes and complete consecutive To Do Lists.

Eventually I loosened my death grip on the rudder of my life and allowed myself to enter the flow, to Roll With It, and to really see and experience the opportunities before me.

This is how I discovered and developed my daily meditation practice (thank you to Chris for taking me on as a student!), I let my manic distance running go and other forced and harmful practices, and have healed and rebalanced my physical body through healthy food and fitness rituals.

I have learned to cultivate my creative interests, and to reach out to others by sharing, learning and continuing to grow among a group of inspiring humans. All bricks in my new, solid foundation. And this foundation supports my career, my relationships, and how I define personal success and achievement. My entire career and travels have taught me a great deal, yet it’s the past two years of my life that have really launched me forward in life.

3 – What does Just Rolling with It mean to you?

Rolling With It to me is to love and accept myself for what I desire in life and stand by what I believe in – no matter what I perceive others may want or believe in for me.

And to play in the dirt and water on a regular basis.

4 – How are you Just Rolling with It?

  1. Taking care of myself first. I continue to learn that if I am healthy and happy, my day to day life achieves harmony.
  2. Create positive personal rituals in life and business.
  3. Accept my imperfection wih compassion and expand into the growth within those experiences.
  4. Provide myself with recognition and validation rather than seeking it from others.
  5. Being a successful business owner isn’t about doing it alone. Lean on and learn from the group around me is how I can truly succeed.

5 – How is Just Rolling with It helpful in your life’s journey?

Rolling With It is teaching me to believe in myself and what I am on this planet to do, and to live life fully. While it has been journey of facing my true self and at times, painful peeling of the layers of my armor off, I cannot deny the grace and general good vibes that naturally occur when I simply live in alignment with how I want to feel.

I was like an Atco trailer for a long time – a windowless prefab tin box sitting right in the mud and grime and kind of leaning off to one side, and slowly sliding down the hill.

Now I feel more like one of those spacious, vaulted ceiling structures full of light and air, solar powered with geothermal heated floors that rises from a solid foundation made of individual soul-bricks mined from my personal truths. She’s my dream home!

I am still collecting and installing bricks into my foundation and I always will be in order to continually be Rolling With It, which is exciting to me.

6 – Do you have any suggestions to help others start Just Rolling with It?

Listen to your inner voice: it possesses a message designed only for you and one only you can hear and interpret. Ask it questions and give it space. Make a date with it if you have to!

Whether it is telling you to steer clear of something or to jump in head first. My biggest leaps forward are when I listen. My biggest regrets have been when I have ignored or silenced it.

7 – Anything else you’d like to add?

We feel we must ask or otherwise answer the Big Traditional Q: What Do You Want To Do? Thinking that way has put me in a trap designed as a pretty package.

What if we ask ourselves and others, What Do You Want To Feel?

That’s much more Rolling With It and going where we are meant to, and enables us to design the package ourselves.

Chris’ Note – You can learn more about Robyn on her blog, the blackbird sessions.​