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[Infographic] Energize Your Day with a Mindful Morning Routine

I’ve found that establishing a mindful morning routine is the key to establishing a very solid foundation for the rest of an entrepreneur’s day.

If you establish a mindful morning routine and follow it to move mindfully through your morning, you may find you benefit throughout the day from –

  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Lower stress levels
  • An increased sense of wellness

One Rush to Another and Finally Collapsing Into Bed​

Before Just Rolling with It, my morning was one big rush. I’d jump out of bed, tense my stomach to gird myself for the day ahead and not stop, take a conscious breath or relax my stomach until I rigidly sat down at my desk to start the work day.

Most of the time I had to internally jolt my mind and body into a false sense of awakeness, to overcome a night of sleep that was too short and fight off the effects of drinking a little (or a lot) too much the previous night.

This rush cascaded into the rush of the work day, which blasted into the rush of the evening and finally resulted in me collapsing into bed, usually too late and after drinking a little (or a lot) too much.

Once I began Just Rolling with It, the importance of a mindful morning routine became apparent to me as I began it experience the benefits one could provide. By making changes in other areas of my life, I started waking up earlier, better rested and less hung over. This was step one.

Recognizing the Habit Energy and Doing Things Differently

Step two was recognizing the habit energy, as Thich Nhat Hanh refers to it, that was propelling me forward from the second I jolted myself out of bed until I planted myself rigidly at my desk in the morning.

Once I recognized this habit energy, I was able to take a step back and begin making more mindful choices in the morning. After experimenting with different routines for a while, these choices have led me to settle, at least for now, on the mindful morning routine you’ll see in this infographic.

By following this routine, I find myself –

  • More settled as the day begins
  • More productive throughout the day
  • Less stressed as the day progresses
  • Enjoying a greater sense of wellbeing through the daily cycle
  • Going to bed looking forward to the next morning after enjoying a restful night’s sleep, rather than going to bed being afraid of having to summon the energy to jolt myself out of bed after not sleeping long enough and shaking out the cobwebs

May my mindful morning routine inspire you to enjoy these same benefits, by establishing and following your own mindful morning routine​.

What’s your mindful morning routine? Would you like help establishing one?​

Do you have your own mindful morning routine? If you do, I’d love to hear about what’s working for you in the comments.

Would you like to establish a mindful morning routine? Do you think you’re too busy or experiencing other challenges that prevent you from putting a mindful morning routine in place?

Please share those challenges in the comments and I’d feel grateful for an opportunity to try and help you overcome them.