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Entrepreneurship, Mindfulness and Buddhism - A Book List

For an entrepreneur, taking the time to read a book is an investment of time, energy and attention. The right book can generate a positive return on that investment. The wrong book can result in a break-even experience at best or maybe even a loss, if it turns out that the book you chose to read ended up wasting the time, energy and attention you dedicated to reading it.

So it’s important that you select the books you choose to read carefully. Given the amount of information available to us these days, the selection process just to find the right book can require a smaller, yet not insignificant, amount of your time, energy and attention as well.

Hopefully you’ll find this list to be a valuable guide through the ocean of books available related to mindfulness, entrepreneurship, and Buddhism. It’s intended to save you time finding books that will generate a positive return on your time, energy and attention.

I read one or two books a month, which makes it hard to keep this list current. Follow me on Goodreads to keep up with my latest reading activity.

The ocean of information about Entrepreneurship, Mindfulness, and Buddhism is vast

My own reading habits and media consumption in general have changed quite a bit for the better since I started Just Rolling With It. I’ve gone from consuming everything I could get my hands-on, to a complete media fast, and am now settled on a more balanced and effective approach toward reading and learning.

When I was consuming all the information I could get my hands on, I was vainly trying to make up for lost time. I experienced this feeling of having to make up for time lost when I realized that the extent of my exposure to world and its wonders pretty much through high school, was confined to the sports section of the local newspaper.

Once my world began opening and expanding, I turned on the fire hose, pointed it at my mind and opened it up full blast, ravenously consuming any and all the information I could get my hands on. I wasn’t absorbing much and justified this by telling myself that at least the knowledge was being absorbed subconsciously and that it might be there when I needed it. Needless to say, this wasn’t a very effective approach.

Thoughtfully selecting books about Entrepreneurship, Mindfulness, and Buddhism

Then I read the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. In the book, Tim advocates going on a news fast, picking books to read very selectively, then speed reading your way through that select few. Tim suggests focusing on books written by people who have actually done what they’re talking about, rather than those written by so-called experts who are simply giving advice that probably hasn’t come from their own personal experience. This approach worked for me for a while, to help break the deluge I had overloaded myself with at the time.

Since starting Just Rolling With It, my approach is still close to Tim’s advice on the consumption spectrum, however is a bit more balanced and measured and not quite as austere as he advocates. I’m a consistent reader now and usually have one book going at all times.

I do tend to speed-read through the entrepreneurship books, while taking my time through the mindfulness and Buddhist books. I still consume very little to no news and strictly filter the news that I do consume.

Each book I choose to read is treated as an investment of my time. Each book in this list is carefully selected by this process –

  • The initial discovery of a book comes from a source I admire, such as successful entrepreneurs, mindfulness instructors, and Buddhist teachers.

  • The initial discovery is confirmed and validated by my own research, based on ratings and reviews from Amazon, Goodreads, and relevant specialty publications.

  • It’s only after a book passes these tests that I decide to read it. It’s only after I read it and have found it helpful, inspiring, or both, that the book gets added to this list.

Hopefully this list becomes a valuable resource for you. It presents you with the results of this careful, thoughtful and time-consuming research. Hopefully you find it to be a valuable guide to the vast amount of information written about entrepreneurs, mindfulness, and Buddhism.

Entreprenuership, Mindfulness and Buddhism

The three topics of entrepreneurs, mindfulness, and buddhism are closely related in my own life. The relation among the topics may be very different for you. So please go-ahead and pick-and-choose and mix-and-match books in combinations that work best and make sense for you.

It would be fantastic to begin a discussion group about these books in the comments. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these books as well as suggestions you may have on adding to the list.

Click the arrow next to each topic to see each list and learn more about that specific section. Check back often as I’ll be adding new books to it as I finish reading them.

[expand title=”Entreprenership“]

A lot of the books in the entrepreneurship list are focused on people who have been successful at something and tell the story of their success, essentially how they’ve done it. Other books provide inspiration, usually by telling the story of someone who has listened to their heart to pursue their passion, probably going against the grain in the process, while many times overcoming great odds to do so. Those are the types of books you’ll find in the entrepreneurship section of this list.


[expand title=”Mindfulness“]

Mindfulness is core to my journey as an entrepreneur and there’s a wealth of information available to us all about mindfulness. Mindfulness can be a great practice to help us deal with the intense stress and emotions we experience as entrepreneurs. The books in the mindfulness list relate to the practice of mindfulness and the science behind it. I’ve found the practice of mindfulness to be very practically applicable to me as an entrepreneur, while the science behind mindfulness is absolutely fascinating to me.


[expand title=”Buddhism“]

Discovering mindfulness eventually led me to reading more about Buddhism, as the two are closely related. However, it’s not necessary to practice Buddhism to practice mindfulness. My basic understanding, in its simplest form, is that mindfulness is the secular practice of the neuroscience-based principles of Buddhism. In the Buddhism section of this list, you’ll find the books that would be of interest if you’re interested in exploring Buddhism.


[expand title=”Other“]

Books in the “other” category don’t fit neatly into any of the other categories. Nevertheless, I feel that they were valuable reads and wanted to have a place to include them in the list.