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Reader Requested Detail on My 10 Favorite Ideas – Edition 1

I brainstorm 10 ideas every day and share them via my Just Rolling with It Twitter feed. Each Sunday evening, I hand pick my 10 favorite ideas from the past week and send them to my newsletter subscribers. The ideas are shared freely, openly and without reservation.

The ideas are yours to use as you’d like!

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You can also read more about how James Altucher motivated me to do this by becoming an open and connected idea machine.

​I encourage everyone who receives my 10 favorite ideas to let me know if there are any ideas they’d like to hear more about. The response has been fantastic and it feels wonderful that my readers are finding inspiration in the ideas.

In order to ​promote continued collaboration and openness, I thought it would be more helpful to collect the feedback and provide the additional information through a series of posts, like this one, rather than reply to individual emails. I’ll be publishing a post like this every once in a while, to address the requests as I receive them.

If you’d like to discuss any of the ideas further, please start the discussion in the comments section of this post.

Now, on to the ideas!

Idea 1 – A wind down reminder

This is a reminder to start winding down the day.​ The reminder would go off at a predetermined time during the late afternoon or evening, reminding you to start winding down your day. For me, this would mean closing my laptop, putting my phone in the drawer and telling myself the work day has come to a close.

Idea 2 – An idea machine discussion forum

This would be a discussion forum, maybe on this blog, where the Just Rolling with It community could discuss these ideas. This post is actually the start of an informal forum, especially if you start a discussion in the comments section of this post 🙂

Idea 3 – Idea machine accountability coaching

I’m an accountability coach on The idea here is that I could help people become their own idea machine, by coaching clients to brainstorm their own 10 ideas every day for 6 months.​

Interested in becoming your own idea machine? Sign up here with code “CHRISREMUSWEEK” to get started with a free week of coaching.

Idea 4 – Conscious company job board

Idea 5 – Mindful company job board

Ideas 4 & 5 are similar. I’ve been following the Wisdom 2.0 movement for a while and volunteered at the Wisdom 2.0 Business Conference in New York City this year.

There’s a growing community of companies that ​value consciousness and mindfulness in addition to making money. The job board would post job listings only from companies that value consciousness and mindfulness.

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Let me know which of my 10 Favorite Ideas interest you and they’ll be included in future editions of this post!