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I Used to be Skeptical of Coaching, Now I’m a Coach?!

I Used to be Skeptical of Coaching, Now I’m a Coach?!

I used to be skeptical of coaching. It seemed like everyone held themselves out there as a coach. This person’s a coach, that person’s a coach, that other person’s a “life” coach.

Whatever that is.

Now I’m a coach. How did THAT happen?

From Isolated and Closed to Connected and Open

At the same time I was skeptical of coaching, I was also isolating myself from the world. I thought I could and actually HAD to do it all myself. Nobody wanted to help me. Nobody was rooting for me. Everyone wanted me to fail.

Not a happy way of being. At all.

Fortunately, I started learning to open and connect, cautiously, slowly and very deliberately. As I allowed myself to do this, I began to happily experience the world as a friendlier place than I thought it was.

Today, I’m aware of feeling –

  • Happy, optimistic and hopeful when I experience interconnectedness

  • Fearful, anxious and hopeless when I experience isolation

Being open to interconnection allows me to meet people, be open to recognizing and in some cases receiving the gifts of experience and talent they are willing and able to share with me. Before I knew it, I had assembled an informal support team of a therapist/psychologist, cycling coach, yoga instructor and holistic healing practitioner.

I’ve come to look at each of these people as a “coach”, in their own special way.

Coaching is the Sharing of Gifts

I think that a lot of my skepticism about coaching came from with the word “coaching” itself. Coaching is a catch-all and loose term that applies from sports to business, from life to career and anywhere and everywhere in between.

I’m a strong believer that each of us has gifts of talent and experience to offer others. Coaching to me is the act of sharing a gift of talent and/or experience from one person who has it to another who could benefit from it. This is what coaching and being a coach means to me.

My intention behind Just Rolling with It has always been to make this blog a platform to share ideas that work for me, as I discover them, with others who may benefit from them. Coaching provides me with an extension of this platform. It’s an extension that allows me to work directly with my clients to share the gifts I’m fortunate to have been given access to, with those who will most directly benefit from them.

I guess that’s how I became a coach 🙂

Working with Me as a Coach, for Free (Really!)

I’ve chosen as the platform to offer my coaching services. is an innovative chat-based coaching platform, that offers a proven approach to accountability coaching at an affordable price. You can learn more about the specific habits I coach clients to develop by visiting my coaching profile.

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Here’s what some of my clients are saying about me –

You’ve made me believe in the concept of coaching now. Really really powerful 🙂

Avinash B. Journaling Coaching Client

20 days straight?!! Wow – how did that happen 😉 Thanks again for your big role in that.

Robyn B. Meditation Coaching Client

Well done Chris! This was hugely helpful. Thank you!

Josh W. Virtual Assistant Coaching Client

Chris, I thought ALL of your ideas were AWESOME

Blake L. Virtual Assistant Coaching Client

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