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It’s OK for Entrepreneurs to Not Know it All?

Is it really OK for an entrepreneur to not have ALL the answers, ALL the time? In other words, is it OK for an entrepreneur not to know it all, especially in today’s knowledge based economy?

I Don’t Know, at Least Yet

Last year I came to the realization that these questions had been troubling me for quite some time. I decided to write my way through them, in an attempt to try and figure out the answers.

[tcb-script async=”” src=””][/tcb-script]I Don’t Know, at Least Yet

Writing the post did provide me with some relief, it didn’t provide me with an answer.

The writing exercise and result (or lack thereof!) may have been the answer in and of itself, namely that we’re never going to have all the answers.

Does Anyone Really Know What They’re Doing?

So I was feeling excited when I saw a post a year later by Dan Putt of Reboot. The post asked similar questions and came to a very similar conclusion.

It turns out that a lot of us don’t have all the answers or really know what we’re doing and you know what?

That may just be OK.

[tcb-script async=”” src=””][/tcb-script]Does anyone really know what they are doing?

Dan’s post was actually the introduction to an episode of the Reboot podcast. In the episode, Jerry Colonna, the podcast’s host, interviews Sharon Salzberg, renowned meditation instructor and asks her this question –

Does anyone really know what they’re doing?

Even if you’ve already guessed the answer that Jerry and Sharon discuss, I’d suggest that the podcast is still worth a listen 🙂