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Rats Racing in the Spin Cycle

The rat race is commonly accepted today. It’s accepted as a foregone conclusion as if it’s destined to trap us in it.

When did this happen?

When did the rat race become accepted?

When did we begin thinking the rat race was destined to trap us?

Somewhere along the way, society, or at least mainstream society, decided it was OK for the rat race to trap us.


Is it a way of accepting this is the best we can ever be?

Actually, my sense is it’s the spin cycle that made the rat race acceptable. The spin cycle’s the proverbial carrot on a stick.

The donkey pulling the cart catches just enough of the carrot to believe catching the whole carrot is achievable. Yet the reality is that the carrot is just far enough out of reach that the donkey will continue grasping for it forever. It will never get the whole carrot.

The rat race carrot is The Dream. The Dream Pushers perpetuate the spin cycle message.

The spin cycle tells us that IF we try JUST a LITTLE HARDER, we’ll achieve The Dream.

Then IF we manage to get a LITTLE CLOSER, the spin cycle changes the dream. The change looks like a more expensive this and/or a bigger that. The Dream keeps changing, staying ever so slightly out of reach.

Just Rolling with It is about getting out of the rat race and breaking the spin cycle. We do this by pursuing our dreams, not the carrot on the stick Dream.

What do you think? Is it possible to get out of the rat race and break the spin cycle? Why or why not?

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