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Snapping Into Habitual Patterns is Easy

Snapping into habitual patterns is easy. Breaking them is hard.

Something my therapist said at our first meeting still resonates with me. She said she believes even the slightest shift in perspective could lead to big change.

I believe this more and more as time passes. It also occurs to me how difficult shifting perspective can be.

I returned home a week ago after being away for about a month. Being away forces a perspective shift. Coming home reminded me how fast snapping back into habitual patterns can happen.

I equate habitual patterns with old perspectives. It’s these patterns that reinforce these perspectives.

Coming home I was aware of trying to not slip back into habitual patterns. Not doing it has been a constant battle. Because I view most of these patterns as beneficial, this feels even more confusing.

Experiencing awareness of the tendency to slip back into habitual patterns feels hopeful. The awareness at least creates space to respond in non-habitual ways. The alternative is reacting in habitual ways and barreling down the same old path.

This struggle may never go away. Becoming comfortable with that feels important too.

How about you? How fast do you jump back into the comfort of habitual patterns, after even the slightest perspective shift?

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