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So THAT's What It Feels Like!

I promise you that was not a clickbait email subject. It felt like one as I wrote it though :)

These past few weeks I’ve been experiencing something. I can’t remember experiencing it before.

It was subtle at first. Earlier this year, I found myself fighting it for a while.

However, Tuesday I figured out what I was experiencing.

For the first time in 20+ years of working, I’m enjoying the work I do. Actually, considering my first newspaper delivery route, we’re looking at more like 35+ years of working.

Wow. I feel grateful for this. I feel very, very grateful.

It’s not to say all the work I do feels blissful. The work is challenging. Some of it’s fun, some still monotonous.

Yet most of it feels hopeful, optimistic, invigorating and energizing. It feels synchronized with who I am as a human. It feels aligned with my ambition to do work that benefits humanity, rather than simply lining my own pockets with cash.

I look forward to Monday. I look forward to sitting down at my computer each day. I don’t watch the clock for the day to end. I don’t count down the days to the weekend. I don’t tell people the weekend “felt too short”.

So, wow, THAT’s how it feels!

How about you? Do you enjoy the work you do? Does what I’m sharing feel disconnected from your reality? Why or why not?

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