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Taking Tax Pain Out of Tax Season

Taking the Pain Out of Tax Season with Tax Pain Relief

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Tax pain often manifests during tax season, in the form of stress, tension and anxiety. Asa result, tax season can be a painful time of year (or multiple times of year), for many people, including myself.

According to Jeff Brown at Psychology Today –

“…income tax season is the most dreaded time of the year for the average working adult. Headaches, heart palpitations, and anxiety plague many people as they worry about their tax returns. Looming fears of not knowing whether you’ve calculated your return correctly, the possibility of penalties, or frustration from simple math errors is enough to make some people obsess over filing.  So they keep revising their tax forms over and over before they are satisfied with the result. This kind of obsessive behavior causes even more stress and anxiety and can lead to procrastination.”

Tax Pain Relief has been developed to take some pain out of tax season. It does this by helping you reduce the amount of time it takes to collect the information required to file taxes. Spending less time on the information collection process limits the time that stress, tension and anxiety have to build, resulting an easier and better experience for you each tax season. This relief is now available to you.

My Experience with Tax Season Pain

Since going into business for myself a number of years ago, the pain of tax time had really compounded until it became almost unbearable. I don’t receive a regular paycheck from an employer who witholds a certain amount of my income from each check each pay period or files the necessary employment taxes for me. I’m my own employer so it’s up to me to do these things, along with my accountant.

Add a variable cash flow into the mix, which only adds to the complexity of predicting tax payments, and what resulted for me was a mysterious process, one in which I relied on my accountant heavily to tell me what and when I needed to pay tax bills, based on the information I provided to him.

Given this uncertainty and complexity, I had a strong aversion to tax time and as a result, had been leaving things until the very last minute for a number of years. Once I procrastinated until I couldn’t procrastinate any more, I would start scrambling to collect all the paperwork that was needed to file taxes. The paperwork was scattered all over the place, with papers in various files and piles, electronic documents in various email inboxes, waiting to be downloaded from the websites of financial institutions, piles of paper receipts to process, and on and on and on…

So, I’d take a deep breath (if I remembered to do that) before diving-in to begin the painful process of collecting all this information, starting with a checklist of what I thought I needed to collect, only to abandon the checklist less than half-way through the collection process, as I realized it was horribly incomplete.

What then resulted was a somewhat panicked effort to pile as much of the tax information that I thought I needed into one place, physically mail and/or email the mess to my accountant, and hope he could sort it out and tell me what’s missing. (Thankfully I’ve been working with the same accountant for years and he’s very patient with me!)

All the while, stress, tension and anxiety were building exponentially and continued to build until got the mess shipped out to my accountant. While the stress, tension and anxiety lessened temporarily, it didn’t go away after I shipped the mess. I would then become afraid that I might have forgotten a key piece of information, like a donation, that could result in me overpaying my taxes.

I’d say the entire process took me at least 8–12 hours, probably even closer to 16–20 in some years, if I take an honest look back to see how much time I spent on the collection process. And, oh yeah, that’s time that I couldn’t spend on a million other things I’d rather be doing, such as spending time with the people I care about, taking care of my health, or generating income.

Feeling Tax Pain Relief

Along the lines of trying to find ways to do things easier and better, I began to think about how this process could be improved. I came up with an initial concept, then spent about 2–3 years refining it. This past April, rather than spending hours upon hours collecting the information I needed at tax time, I was able to get the information over to my accountant in less than minutes, literally on my way out the door to vacation.

It’s at this point that I realized this system, which I had initially developed for my own use, really works. It helped to free-up hours of my life to do things I’d rather be doing, by drastically reducing the time I had to interact with the entire tax information collection process. As a result, the related stress, tension and anxiety I felt was also significantly reduced, since the time needed for the stress, tension and anxiety to build and reach an overwhelming crescendo was cut short.

Sharing Tax Pain Relief

Once I felt this relief for myself, I decided that the system should be documented, so that it could be shared with others. Sharing this relief with you is my effort to share what’s worked for me with you.  Hopefully Tax Pain Relief makes a very stressful, tense and anxiety producing time of year (or multiple times of year) easier and better, by reducing the time it takes you to collect the information needed to file pain relief cover - for site

If you’re interested, please take a look at this link. I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleased with the results, if you buy and implement the system. If you’re not for any reason, I’m happy to offer a full refund, no questions asked, at any time! There’s also a Quick-Start guide available for free, which many of you could use to set-up the system on your own and at no cost to you.

(Update – Just Rolling with It community members get the full Tax Pain Relief eBook for free. Sign-up to join the community for free.)

I’ve gone back-and-forth on writing this post, because it does promote my first eBook, Tax Pain Relief. My guide for toeing the line between writing a purely editorial blog and one with commercial potential has been this post from Leo Babauta on his Zen Habits blog. The major guiding principle I took away from Leo’s post is to only offer something for sale if it is truly intended to help people. I truly believe that Tax Pain Relief can help each of you take some pain out of tax time.

I’ve also written previously that a primary theme of Just Rolling with It has emerged to become finding a way or ways to do things easier and better. It’s in this spirit of doing things easier and better, along with the desire to provide a product that I truly believe can help people do things easier and better, that I’ve decided to write this post.

Are you feeling your Tax Pain Relief yet?

(Update – Just Rolling with It community members now get the complete Tax Pain Relief eBook for free. Sign-up to join the community for free.)

Disclaimer: This is not an offer of tax advice and I am not a tax professional.  I just hope to ease your pain at tax time by showing you one way it is possible to collect the information someone else tells you that you need to collect to file your taxes!