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The Doing What You Love Interview Series

I’m excited to introduce a new interview series on Justrollingwith.it called Doing What You Love, since doing what you love makes just rolling with it easier and better.

The Doing What You Love series will feature interviews with people I’ve met who have, in one way or another, made a choice in their life to do what they love. In most cases these people have given up the career that they were “supposed” to pursue, in order to pursue the career that they wanted to pursue. Career in the latter case may not be the right choice of words, since people who are doing what they love blur the line between what they do for work and their life.

Here are the questions that will be answered –

1 – What is it you do that you love?

2 – How and when did you realize what it is you love to do?

3 – When did you decide to make a commitment to doing what you love? What does that commitment look like, e.g. full-time job, part-time hobby, etc.

4 – How long have you been doing what you love?

5 – What was the toughest decision you had to make when making a commitment to doing what you love?

6 – Was there a time that you had doubts about doing what you love? If so, how did or do you overcome those doubts and keep doing what you love?

7 – What are some of the things you enjoy most about doing what you love?

8 – Do you have any advice for people who are struggling with making a commitment to doing what they love, even if they know they want to make the commitment?

9 – Is there anything else you’d like to add about doing what you love?

The idea for this series came from my own curiosity related to people who have taken what many would consider or that we’ve been conditioned to believe to be a non-traditional career path and turned it into a viable way of making a living and living a happier and more-fulfilled life as a result. Over the past few years and especially since moving to Brooklyn a while back, I’ve been fortunate to experience coming into contact with more and more people doing what they love, more consistently than I ever have before in my life.

This constant exposure to people doing what they love has made me really curious to figure out how so many people have done it. I also find it inspiring and motivating that so many people ARE able to do it, as I continue down my own path of self-discovery. Hopefully you’ll find these interviews enjoyable, informative and inspiring as well!