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The Dream Destroyer

I’ve written before about The Dream’s power.

Today I started thinking from the opposite direction.

What can actually destroy The Dream?

The answer came easy to me.

It came easy today.

Yet it took many years to come to me.

The answer was hidden from me for a very long time though. The Dream Pushers hid it. I hid it from myself.

I hid it very far away, for a long time.

The Dream Pushers were complicit in this obfuscation.

So what is the answer? What is able to stand up to and resist The Dream’s power. What can destroy The Dream and allow us to pursue our dream instead?

I believe the answer is a simple one. It’s simple yet not easy.

The answer is us.

Actually, the answer is you. The answer is me.

Only we can destroy The Dream It is only a job you can do for yourself.

We can get help and we’ll likely need help.

Yet, in the end, only you can destroy The Dream. Only you can filter Your Dream from The Dream Pushers’ noise.

Only you can find the faith and confidence in yourself to pursue your Your Dream and not The Dream.

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