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The Dream is Always Just Out of Reach

The dream is always just out of reach. It’s almost attainable. Yet it remains just out of our grasp. This is how the dream pushers like it. They need it to be this way.

They give you just enough to keep you hooked. Then they keep you chasing the Dream. They never do let us catch it though.

Sometimes it feel like we caught it. Then the dream starts slipping away again. Then we start chasing it again. And so it goes.

And goes.

And goes.


Around and around.

Then around again.

We keep spinning too. Unconsciously.

We keep spinning so we don’t notice we’re chasing any longer. We get tricked into believing the chase is living.

The dream pushers keep giving us a taste here and a taste there. They keep us hooked.

Yet there’s never enough.

It’s never enough.

Even when we catch it, we’re not happy.

We’re still unsatisfied.

Then we start chasing again.

We convince ourselves happiness is tied to the dream. We buy the things the dream pushers tell us to buy. We convince ourselves the fleeting happiness these purchases provide is all the happiness we need. And deserve.

We become too “busy” to question any of this.

And that’s how the dream pushers like it. It’s how they need it to be.

They need us to stay unconscious. They need to keep us distracted. Otherwise we may start questioning the dream. We start questioning if the dream is in reach. We wonder if we actually want to reach it. We wonder if it will truly make us happy.

We wonder if it’s possibly to be happier pursuing our own dream, rather than the dream.

This is my intention for JRWI. May it help us slow down, think a little bit differently, get off the dream cycle and start pursuing our own dreams, not the dream.

Is JRWI serving this purpose for you?

Why or why not?