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This Is When the Pain Overcame the Fear

I published two open letters to Jerry Colonna last week. Here’s an excerpt fromJerry’s bio

“Jerry Colonna is an executive coach who uses the skills he learned as a venture capitalist to help entrepreneurs. He draws on his wide variety of experiences to help clients design a more conscious life and make needed changes to their career to improve their performance and satisfaction.”

Jerry founded Reboot. I’m a big fan of Reboot’s work. I feel like their work aligns well with the principles behind Just Rolling with It.

Reboot’s podcast is the only podcast I listen to on a regular basis. I find each episode to be insightful, energizing and inspiring. This episode with Sharon Salzberg called “Does Anyone Really Know What They Doing?” is one of my favorites.

I sent Jerry the first letter when I got tired of trying to go it alone. The pain I was experiencing then finally eclipsed the fear I had of asking for help.

I never received a response from him.

I wrote the second letter to Jerry last week. It’s one I’d been meaning to write for a while. It’s a letter of gratitude to him.

I wrote the gratitude letter even though I didn’t hear back from him. I experienced disappointment when I realized he wasn’t going to respond.

The passing of time since sending the first letter has opened space. That space made room for gratitude to replace the disappointment.

My original expectation was Jerry would respond. I’ve since learned that maybe the purpose of my letter wasn’t to receive a response from him.

Writing the letter helped me break the ice. It helped me realize asking for help was OK. Maybe that was the true purpose of the first letter.

Publishing the first letter is also a reflection on how my Just Rolling with It Journey has evolved. The fact I even published it says a lot about how much I’ve changed.

I was afraid to send that first letter to Jerry. I was afraid to send it to a single person.

Now I’m comfortable sharing it with the world, or at least anyone who cares to read it!

I’ve asked for help and received it from many people. Just Rolling with It wouldn’t be possible without their support.

So I’m feeling grateful toward Jerry for helping me break the ice. That’s why I wrote the second letter.

Thanks, Jerry!