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Who are the Dream Chasers that Surround You?

Who are the dream chasers that surround you?

What dream are they chasing?

Are they chasing The Dream or their dream?

How does their chase influence yours?

I’ve been thinking about these questions a lot during a recent road trip. People chasing The Dream surrounded me for most of it. Some of these people were family, other were friends.

This caused the strong voices of self-doubt to get louder in my mind. They sound something like –

  • Why aren’t you chasing The Dream?
  • Isn’t it irresponsible not to, especially at your age?
  • Shouldn’t you “have more”, especially at your age? What do you “have”, anyway?
  • Shouldn’t your life be more “solid” and “stable”? You have a family, after all…

Returning home to New York and speaking to my therapist helped put these questions in perspective. I realized I had become more insular and disconnected during this trip.

This resulted in me being surrounded by fewer people chasing their dream. I felt isolated, alone and fighting against the tide.

This weekend my wife and I attended a barn wedding in Vermont. Many people there and in Vermont seem to be chasing their dream. It feels refreshing and restorative.

To me, it’s more and more important to be around people who support each other chasing their own dreams. In my experience, it’s easy to fall among those who are chasing The Dream. I’ll be keeping a conscious eye on this balance for now on.

How about you? Are you surrounded by people chasing The Dream or theirs?

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