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Who's Dream Is It Anyway?

I used to chase the dream. You know the one.

Or, at least I think you do.

It’s the one that goes like this.

Go to school. Get “good” grades, so you can get into a “good” college. Maybe a “good” college isn’t “good” enough. Maybe it has to be the “right” college.

Anyway…Then you go to that college so you can get a “good” job. Or maybe it’s the “right” job.

Then you get that job so you can accumulate the external signs of wealth. They show that you made it. They show that you made “good” decisions. Or maybe the “right” decisions.

You buy that car. You buy that house. Maybe you buy that watch too.

Then if you have kids, you tell them about the dream. It becomes their dream. And they do it all over again.And again. And again.

Who’s dream is that anyway?

Just Rolling with It’s about waking from that dream. Or was it really a nightmare?

I think it was somewhere in between. Anyway, I’m feeling fortunate to wake from it.

Now I feel like I’m starting to live a dream. It’s a dream that feels like a dream. It feels like my dream.

Maybe that’s what Just Rolling with It’s all about.

Thanks for joining me. Thanks for being along for the ride.

May Just Rolling with It help you live your dream :)

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