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Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity

I’ve been reading Crossing the Unknown Sea, Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity -

Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity

Reboot Podcast Episode #60 – The Work of Your Life – with Khe Hy

The book is resonating with me in a strong way. It may for you too, if you feel any kind of connection with Just Rolling with It.

The end of chapter struck me hard. The subtitle is “Imagination and Complexity”.

Here’s a paraphrased version -

The severest test of work today is not of our strategies but of our imaginations and identities. For a human being, finding good work and doing good work is one of the ultimate ways of making a break for freedom…If we ignore our simplest necessities, the attempt to create a complex professional identity most often buries us…(making it) impossible to touch our best gifts.

The day may be full, we may be incredibly busy, but we have forgotten who is busy and why we are busy…we have to realize our lives are at stake; the one unique life, entirely our own, it is possible for each of us to live.

I feel like much of Just Rolling with It is remembering who I am and realizing the one unique life it’s possible for me to live.

May Just Rolling with It help you realize yours too.  

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