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Work Is Not Indentured Servitude


Or at least it shouldn’t be.

I stole the quote from a recent Fred Wilson post.

I also started investigating the book Skin In the Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

This quote stood out to me –

Companies condition their employees to accept a loss of freedom….Conditioned employees are individuals whose personal identities are intrinsically tied to the companies for which they work

The two quotes hit home. I’m still thinking through why, and what the connection is. They feel related to much of the thoughts I’m sharing here with you.

I feel refreshed to hear others discuss these topics. It feels especially refreshing when the voices are well respected and have a lot of reach. I guess it gives me hope that the cycles can change.

And with that, it’s Monday afternoon. I’m feeling a little spent. As a result, I’ll leave these thoughts here for now. My tendency is to try and wrap them up in a compelling, thought-provoking way.

I’ll hand it back to you too. How do these ideas resonate with you?

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